The Medieval and Renaissance research group supports scholars and postgraduate researchers in the School of English working on literature from the Anglo-Saxon period through to the eighteenth century. The group has its own budget, and hosts a number of staff and postgraduate seminars and reading groups. It also provides research infrastructure and culture for two period-based MLitt programmes:

Postgraduate students working in the fields of Medieval and/or Renaissance literature automatically become associate members of the MedRen group, taking advantage of its many research resources and opportunities. These include the Folger Institute Consortium Collaboration; a supported programme of visiting speakers, colloquia and conferences listed on Research Events; the St Andrews Institute of Mediaeval Studies, the Renaissance and Early Modern Network, CMEMLL (the Centre for Mediaeval and Early Modern Law and Literature). Both the speakers’ programme and RemNet offer opportunities for staff and postgraduates to share work-in-progress. Staff and students in the MedRen group are strong supporters of the development of the University of St Andrews Special Collections of early printed books and manuscripts.